Music written/Canciones escritas

Some of his music

Leo Quintero-"Willy Nilly" This is an instrumental song with Jazz flavored Blues tones. This song was co-written with Leo Quintero.

Leila A. -“Sunlight Meets the Sky” co-writer.                    
Leila A.-"Mustang Johnny" CD co-wrote songs under the name Willy G.

Songs: "Hearts Running Out the Door",

"The Text Doesn't Lie"

Los Bucaneros-Song written: "Ondas del Mar".   Sang and wrote " A Que No Te Atreves"

Song: "Come, Come" for the Mexican Soap Opera "El Hogar Que Yo Robe"  (The Home that I robbed)


Algunas de sus canciones:

Leo Quintero-"Willy Nilly"  Música instrumental de género Jazz y Blues. Co-autor con Leo Quintero.

Co-autor “Sunlight Meets the Sky” con Leila A. Bajo el nombre: Willy G.

Co-autor de dos canciones del CD "Mustang Johnny" de Leila A. Canciones: "Hearts Running Out the Door", Bajo el nombre: Willy G.

"The Text Doesn't Lie"

Los Bucaneros Autor:"Ondas del Mar" y cantante y autor:"A Que No Te Atreves"

Cancion: "Come, Come"-Para la telenovela "El Hogar Que Yo Robe"